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What is Shiatsu?
Shiatsu is a deeply relaxing and rebalancing hands-on healing therapy. It originated in Japan and has its origins in both Oriental Medical Theory and traditional Japanese massage techniques. The literal translation is "finger pressure" and it works on the body's energy channels, known as meridians. During the treatment, contact and pressure is applied in a comfortable, sustained manner to various areas on the surface of the body. This pressure is combined with opening movements, such as gentle stretching and other corrective techniques, in order to achieve a stress-relieving relaxation with a therapeutic result. Massage oils are not used and clothing is not removed during a treatment.

The focus with Shiatsu is to correct the imbalances of the body, which results in promoting and maintaining good health and well-being and vitality. It also contributes to the healing process for a wide range of everyday health problems and illnesses. Oriental medical theory maintains that health is dependent on all parts of the body, as well as a person's lifestyle, being balanced. Shiatsu works on the different energetic aspects of our body: physical, emotional, mental & spiritual.

Many people can benefit from Shiatsu. It is a safe and effective therapy that can be enjoyed by people of all ages, all walks of life, and all levels of physical conditions and wellness.

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How Can Shiatsu Help Heal?
Shiatsu is a whole treatment system, working both on the physical levels and on a subtle energy level. People commonly report benefits from shiatsu for a whole range of problems. The idea of shiatsu is not to treat a specific condition, but to work toward supporting & improving health in general. By supporting general health, this assists the system to cope better with or even recover from more systemic problems. It can help in a wide range of conditions - from specific injuries to more general problems of poor health. Shiatsu treatments have significant evidence to support its effectiveness in helping the body resolve many conditions. It does not profess to cure but can help you be on the way to a better state of well being. There is a vast range of conditions that respond well to Shiatsu treatment. Shiatsu is effective for alleviating the imbalances resulting from:
  • Digestive & Bowel Disorders
  • Headaches
  • Back Ache & stiffness & Sciatica
  • Insomnia & sleeping problems
  • Joint pain / Arthritis
  • Neck and shoulder tension and pain and stiffness
  • Nervous system disorders
  • Menstrual & Menopausal Disorders / PMS / Infertility
  • Muscle Aches & Pains & Tension
  • Recovery process after surgery
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Provides a feeling of well being
  • Poor posture
  • Negative emotions
  • Trauma
  • Chronic Fatigue & Fibromyalgia
  • Anxiety and Depression and Stress and Tension
People often ask if they should have Shiatsu when they don't have any specific problems or concerns and the answer to this is yes. Shiatsu is a deeply relaxing experience and regular Shiatsu sessions help to prevent the build up of the stress in our daily lives. Shiatsu treatments can also be received purely for relaxation or a general "tone up." Even a person who is healthy and fit can benefit from Shiatsu as it is an effective preventative therapy. To sum it up, the best way to get an idea of what Shiatsu is like is to try a treatment for yourself and feel the difference!

What you can expect from a Shiatsu treatment
The treatment begins with a discussion about you. All information you provide is treated with the strictest of confidence. An assessment will be made so that the treatment will be specific for you. Treatment is usually done on a futon at floor level or on a treatment table, although it is also possible to receive Shiatsu in a sitting position on a chair. You will remain fully clothed, wearing comfortable clothing to provide ease of movement.

Each session lasts approximately one hour. The first session may be slightly longer since we will take the time to get your medical history and health status. Every treatment is unique, designed to meet your specific needs of the day.

Following a session, you may have a feeling of increased energy or vitality, while feeling relaxed at the same time.

Client Testimonials
Tina is a caring and loving person who in her wisdom gives us the gift of energy and health. I no longer react but respond to problems or unexpected situations. When I wake up I don't ask myself how am I going to cope with another day. I actually wake up peacefully and happy. You have a gift that you willingly share - the gift of healing love that brings well-being, inner peace and joy and radiant health because you certainly brought that into my life. You transformed my life and I now look forward without fear. How can I ever thank you enough for all you have done for me.
Shirley B., Retired

I had been receiving chiropractic care and therapeutic massage for well over a decade for lower back pain as well as neck and shoulder pain. These therapies worked well to relieve acute discomfort. In 2005 I was involved in a car accident and suffered from some whip lash. For approximately 2 years following the accident different massage therapists attempted many different techniques in order to alleviate my chronic pain.

Shiatsu treatments were suggested as an alternative to the customary massage techniques I had thus far been receiving at the doctor's office. I honestly had no idea what a Shiatsu treatment was but I was willing to try anything to alleviate my pain. I received my first Shiatsu treatment from Tina over a year ago and was amazed at how effective this traditional form of Japanese medicine could be. Tina's knowledge and use of this form of therapy leaves me in awe, even to this day.

Only Tina can tell you how much my body (and mind) has changed over the course of time I have been receiving treatments from her. I can tell you that her treatments have been able to mitigate the chronic pain I had been suffering from for years. But not only do her treatments help to ease my physical pain, time with Tina leaves me relaxed, calm and at peace, prepared to go back out into the world.

Tina, thank you so much for all you have given me (a feeling of peace and serenity) and all you have taken away (back and neck pain).
Lauren, Pharmaceutical Research and Development

My care has been outstanding. I have been receiving treatment for several months now, and have been very pleased with my progress. Ms. Garzillo's diagnostic skills and treatment abilities have provided me with ongoing relief from my chronic occupational injuries. Each treatment session, along with home stretching, allows me to gain more range of motion and comfort. I highly recommend anyone to be in her care.
Jack Fitzgerald DMD

You gave me such an incredible treatment and also helped me with a problem that I was having for many years with my thumb. I wanted to thank you again for the helpful information and for showing me how to massage my thumb to help it recuperate. I really appreciate you helping me feel better!

"When I was referred to Tina and Jon I had lower back pain and I had trouble walking up steps and curbs without something to hold on to. My poor balance had a lot to do with my cerebral palsy at the time of birth. Shiatsu and Chiropractic have greatly improved my physical conditioning. I have no more back pain thanks to Jon's Chiropractic expertise and the muscles in my body are energized as a result of Tina's Shiatsu therapy".
Jack Gardner
North Wales, Pa

The Shiatsu has really opened me up. My energy is through the roof! Thank you again for sharing your skills with me.
Peace and light,
Corey, Yoga Instructor

I wanted to take a moment to say that the Shiatsu massages I had with Tina far exceeded my wildest expectations. I am a physical therapist and Tina is so amazingly skilled and spiritually inspired, I would never consider going any where else. Her talents are divinely inspired! I had significant muscle pain when I went to see her and emerged a new woman - relaxed and rejuvenated simultaneously.
Judi C.,Physical Therapist

Being the victim of a serious accident had left me searching for relief from my many ailments. Of the several treatments I have tried, none have been more effective than shiatsu massage. This all encompassing method is only surpassed by Tina Garzillo's uncanny ability in the practice of it.
Joe M., General Contractor

Guidelines for A Shiatsu Treatment
  • Please wear, or bring with you, loose, comfortable clothing (including clean socks,) preferably cotton or other natural materials because they are more beneficial to the flow of energy and therefore, it assists the healing process.
  • Try not to eat heavily prior to your appointment. Do not drink alcohol before or shortly after the treatment.
  • After the treatment, drink plenty of water to aid the flow of energy to assist with healing.
  • Avoid strenuous physical exercises or stressful activities immediately after your session.
  • Please be punctual. If you cannot make your appointment, please phone at least 24 hours in advance.
At the end of each session, we may discuss some ways for you to begin to develop tools that you can use to help retain the benefits of the Shiatsu treatment. This may include dietary recommendations, physical or mental exercises, a referral to a supporting therapy, or lifestyle hints.

The number of treatments you will require is not fixed. It will be determined by various factors - how you respond to Shiatsu or how long the imbalance has been around.

Essence of Shiatsu
The purpose of Shiatsu is to bring the body into balance and harmony, which results in good health on many levels. Shiatsu theory views the body as a holder of a vital life force/energy known as Ki (Chi.) Its underlying philosophy is similar to that of acupuncture in that this vital energy flows throughout the body along channels or pathways known as meridians. When Ki is blocked or disturbed, an imbalance is created and symptoms occur - pain, skin eruptions, loss of drive, emotional changes, or illness. Whenever there is stress, illness, injury or poor habits, it can result in a restriction of the flow of Ki. The aim is to treat the body by balancing the flow of Ki (life energy.) When the flow of Ki is normalized, overall body functioning improves, symptoms lessen, and there is renewed vitality.

Shiatsu treats the body as a whole and aids in restoring function to the nervous system, immune system, circulatory system, respiratory system, muscles, and it stimulates the body's natural ability to heal. Every person benefits differently, depending on their condition when they are treated, as well as their pre-existing medical and hereditary condition. A disorder of one part of the body will have effects throughout the entire body. For this reason, it is important to treat the whole body. There will be time spent working on areas of the body that may not seem related to the problem.

Shiatsu activates a deep relaxation response in the body, which reduces pain and relaxes muscles. Shiatsu usually leaves a feeling of calmness and well-being.

108 E Beidler Road, King of Prussia, PA 19406 · 610-337-7323 · Pager 215-406-3083
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